In an insightful video by Dr. Tom Rogers, Methylene Blue, a compound with a rich history and a wide range of medical applications, is explored in detail. This guide aims to provide an exhaustive breakdown of the video content, covering the benefits, dosage, and usage of Methylene Blue, along with its historical significance, medical uses, emergency use, and safety guidelines.

methylene blue health benefits

Historical Significance of Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue was initially developed in the 1860s for the textile industry but soon found its way into the medical field due to its unique properties.

Origins and Discovery

  • Initially used for dyeing cotton blue, scientists discovered its ability to stain and identify bacteria, viruses, and parasites under a microscope, marking the beginning of its medical application.

Medical Uses of Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue’s journey from a textile dye to a medical marvel is fascinating, showcasing its versatility in treating various conditions.

First Drug for Malaria and UTIs

  • It was the first drug used to treat malaria and urinary tract infections (UTIs), showcasing its antibacterial properties.

Revival for Resistant Parasites

  • With the rise of drug-resistant parasites, Methylene Blue is being reconsidered for its effectiveness against such pathogens.

Emergency Use of Methylene Blue

In emergency medicine, Methylene Blue is a critical resource for handling life-threatening conditions.

Reversal of Poisoning

  • Known for reversing carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning, it is a staple in emergency rooms worldwide.

methylene blue benefits

Benefits of Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue offers a broad spectrum of benefits, from antiviral properties to mental health improvements.

Antiviral and Antiseptic Properties

  • It’s effective against a range of pathogens, enhancing mitochondrial respiration and improving cellular metabolism.

Cognitive and Mental Health

  • Helps with depression, dementia, and improves energy levels, making it beneficial for the elderly and individuals with mental health issues.

Pain Management

  • Particularly beneficial for neuropathies due to its impact on mitochondrial function.

Usefulness During COVID-19

  • Its ability to improve breathing has made it a subject of interest during the pandemic.


methylene blue antioxidant

Dosage and Usage of Methylene Blue

Understanding the right dosage and usage is crucial for maximizing the benefits of Methylene Blue.


  • The starting dose is about 10 milligrams per day, with each drop of the liquid form containing half a milligram.


  • For oral consumption, it’s recommended to dilute the liquid form in water before consumption.

Safety and Contraindications

While Methylene Blue is beneficial, it’s important to be aware of its safety guidelines and contraindications.

Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Ensure the Methylene Blue used is of pharmaceutical grade, not chemical or dye grade.


  • Avoid use with SSRIs, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, in babies, and those with G6PD deficiency unless properly tested.

Special Notes

  • Its role in cellular metabolism and mitochondrial function hints at its broader potential in treating various diseases, including neurodegenerative conditions and potentially even cancer.

Methylene Blue stands out not only for its historical significance but also for its extensive range of medical applications. From its early days as a textile dye to its current status as a critical component of emergency medicine and its potential in treating a variety of conditions, Methylene Blue’s journey is a testament to the evolving nature of medical science. With ongoing research and clinical studies, the full scope of its benefits and applications continues to unfold, promising further advancements in healthcare and treatment methodologies.

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In conclusion, Methylene Blue is a versatile and powerful compound with a range of applications that extend far beyond its original use in the textile industry. Whether for treating infections, managing mental health conditions, or responding to emergency poisonings, its efficacy and safety make it a valuable resource in both clinical and emergency medical settings. As research continues, the full potential of Methylene Blue in healthcare and treatment is yet to be fully realized, offering hope for new therapeutic applications in the future.

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